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Mushroom Catering will help take the strain at this very difficult time for a family.  Our aim is to help you make the funeral buffet seamless and problem free.  We recognise that this is not the time or place for overly fussy food – people just want some good basic old favourites in a buffet style that guests can graze on.

We will present you with some sample menu ideas, organise the crockery, set-up and serve at the occasion and make sure that you have nothing to worry or think about on the day.  You can rely on us to take care of everything with the utmost of tact and respect on the day. Logo

'Thank you so much for all you and your helpers work on Saturday.  Everyone thought that the food was delicious and perfect for the occasion, and that the whole day was a success, so that it felt like a very good end to an era.' Clare.

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